Our journey began with a simple seed: the love for floristry and a desire to cultivate a space where fellow flower enthusiasts could find community, inspiration, and knowledge.

Our Mission

At Habitat Flowers, we’re on a mission to nurture the art and science of floristry. We believe that every petal tells a story and every arrangement holds a whisper of nature’s beauty. We’re here to guide you through that narrative, from the deep roots of horticultural tradition to the bright blooms of modern design.

Our Vision

To be the premier online destination for florists and flower lovers alike – a place where budding beginners can grow their skills, and seasoned professionals can share their expertise. We envision a world where every floral creation adds a touch of wonder to our lives.

Meet the Team

Lily – Founder & Chief Editor With a name predestined for the world of flowers, Lily has been a florist for over a decade. Her passion for sustainable and innovative floral design is what sparked the creation of Habitat Flowers.

Rose – Content Director Rose’s background in botanical sciences and her experience in various flower shops across the country bring a wealth of knowledge to our blog. She oversees the educational content, ensuring our readers have access to accurate and insightful information.

Jasmine – Creative Lead Jasmine’s artistic flair and eye for aesthetics curate the visual experience of Habitat Flowers. She is the mastermind behind our stunning photography and ensures that our creativity blossoms in every post.

Our Community

Habitat Flowers isn’t just a blog; it’s a vibrant community of flower aficionados. We encourage our readers to interact, share their floral projects, and exchange ideas. Through our workshops, webinars, and online forums, we foster a space where everyone can flourish.

Join Our Garden

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Thank you for visiting Habitat Flowers – where every day is in full bloom.